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If you have a friend, family member, or loved one in federal custody you should not have to pay high long distance charges to stay in contact with them. When an inmate makes a call to you and it is long distance (for calls within the US), the facility will charge the inmate 21¢ per minute. With the Phone Donkey service we provide a phone number local to the facility, so the facility will only charge the inmate 6¢ a minute.
If you use the Phone Donkey service for 300 minutes a month you could save up to $34 a month.
Old cost at 21¢ per minute * 300 minutes = $63.00 a month.
New cost at 6¢ per minute * 300 minutes = $18.00 (paid by the inmate to the facility) plus the Phone Donkey service at $11.00 (paid by you to Phone Donkey) for 300 minutes = $29.00 a month.

Plans & Pricing

Monthly minutes DO NOT roll over.


  • 1 phone number
  • 60 minutes a month



  • 1 phone number
  • 600 minutes a month


Add-on options

Minutes     Price
30     $3.00
60     $4.00
120     $7.00
300     $9.00
600     $16.00

Add-on minutes:

Add-on minutes are one time use minutes that never expire and are used last. Phone Donkey will use any free minutes you have first, then any monthly minutes and lastly any add-on minutes. So if you buy extra add-on minutes and don't use them don't worry they never expire.

Add-on phone number:

Additional phone numbers can be used for other loved ones or additional locations.
Each additional local number is only $2.00 a month and will share all the minutes in your account. There is no need to maintain multiple accounts.

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